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Well the season of Lent is upon us. Now, I am about one of the least religious people around but it sees that everyone either participates in Shrove Tuesday (aka pancake day) and Lent (what random thing can I try and give up for 40 days?!).

Unfortunately, I had the flu on Tuesday so no pancakes for me, but I decided to do a little something different for Lent. February was a rough month in terms of organizing and decluttering. My parents were here which meant that the only major decluttering I did was go through the front hall bins where there was an over abundance of gloves, hats, and scarfs. So for Lent I am incorporating my deluttering goal. Everyday I have to put one item (or group of items) in my local buy and sell and I have to put something in the recycling or garbage that isn’t something that I would put there anyways! I’m really lucky that I have some great, local auction sites on Facebook that not only allow me to make money but also gets lots of useless junk out of my house. I am also happy to say that the recycling bin will be getting its fair share of art projects (sorry, not sorry)!

Do you partake in Lent? Or are there any special ways to keep decluttering and organizing when you’ve hit a slump?