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This Room

This Room

One of my main goals for the year is to organize and declutter. This room instantly tells you why this needs to be a priority! Everything without a place gets thrown in and then I close the door and don’t have to worry about it.

I’ve decided enough is enough! My parents are coming at the end of the month and I am too embarrassed to let them see this… the room may have looked similar last year when they were here.

This definitely won’t be a one day job, especially with two little ones at home, but I will get this done!

Steps to organizing and decluttering this ridiculous room

  1. Everything put in its place
  2. Large bins ready for anything to be sold or donated
  3. Recycling area set up, I used a large diaper box
  4. Shredding area set up, instantly shred and then put paper in box for recycling
  5. Garbage bag ready to be filled (hopefully of junk)

Update to follow!



I just wanted to move one thing!

I just wanted to move one thing!

This morning I woke up with one small job – to move my daughters trampoline out of the hall into the playroom. We’d bought her a small trampoline for her birthday, which was in August… I mean it only stayed in the hall for close to 6 months!

This ended up being a whole day debacle as everything else had to be moved in order to make room for the trampoline and then since everything was moved I had to vacuum and wash the floors!

Now I’m left with my bar counter filled with a bunch of random junk that either needs to be tossed, sold, or put away…