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Clothing Inventory

Clothing Inventory

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long, long time. I love buying cute clothes for my kids, there’s so many awesome things and I usually can get fantastic deals. However, I noticed with DD that she has tons of clothes that she doesn’t even wear! I think I’ve finally realized that even through they’re cute and on sale she can’t possibly wear 30+ long sleeve shirts!

I started in DSs room today as he had less clothes to go through so I figured it be the best place to start! I keep most of his clothes that he needs to grow into in the bottom drawer of his dresser. So basically, I dumped everything out and then categorized into size and type of clothing – super easy!

I added the list on my iPad so I would be able to save it easily on my phone too. Now if I’m shopping all I have to do is look at my phone and see that no, my DD doesn’t need another shirt, she already has 20!!

I think this will be great way to not only save space (less stuff) but also it will be a great way to save money!